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We can supply a large amount of elastomeric compounds and high performance plastic rods, sheets, tubes, and films in a wide selection of sizes and materials.

PTFE – PTFE filled – TFM® 1600 – TFM® 4105 – PA6 – PA12 – PA6.6 – PA6XAU – POM – PP – PE PEUHMW – PVC – PCTFE (KELF®) – PEEK® – DEVOLN® – PPS – VESPEL®- PET – PC

All raw materials are supplied by the principal National and International producers, they are totally conformed and approved by the most restrictive standards.
We can also support our customer with special service as: water-jet cutting, welding of PTFE until 5mm thickness, calendaring envelope gaskets and bellows; trenching, etc…

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